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WELCOME!! the New Jersey School Board Website and FORUM>>

We have created a forum for each school district in New Jersey where parents can connect. 

We have also started to load Tools & Resources for parents.  This site is currently under development...please check back regularly for updates

Art Class

Tools & Resources

Thinking of Running for School Board?

BOE Experts

Board of Education Experts at your service!


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

More Info Coming Soon

Fact Resources

Lots of resources in one place to learn more and take action>>

Coming Soon!

More Info Coming Soon!

Thanks for submitting!



The FORUM section provides a venue for parents to connect with others in their school district(s) to work together for a common goal, focusing on stopping the indoctrination and sexual grooming of our children and thus regaining our parental rights at the school board level.

The other website sections provide tools and resources for parents to become empowered, and encourages parents to run for school board seats in order to take back control of their school districts. 

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